Anais BARCLAY - Partner 

Global Chief Empowerment Officer

Leading connector with 22 years experience as a private advisor managing and sourcing product solutions for a network of private high net worth companies and consumers across a number of luxury and premium global brands.


With a first class reputation building and developing key business connections and relationships, I drive for results with energy and passion and have an excellent track record in delivering the business needs of my clients. 


Background :

Retail B2B

CRM & Marketing Strategies

Product Source Management

Experience Sourcing Medical Equipment


Jean Fabien de SELVE - Partner

Global Chief Influence Officer

A graduate in international trade now an Entrepreneur building a number of business start ups in the global distribution and supply chain industry, he has a first class reputation in the management of projects and delivering results on an international scale.


Jean- Fabien is recognized for his ability to test and learn and to pilot transversal and technical projects and is involved in numerous digital and operational projects serving small, medium and large sized organizations.


Jennie TANG - Partner

Managing Director, Greater China


Jennie brings a wealth of international strategic experience across Greater China, Hong Kong and the US. Jennie is strong in translating consumer demands to go-to-market strategies and generating business solutions between the East and West. 


Jennie is experienced in strategic management, biotech trend analysis, building up healthcare sourcing network, just-in-time supply chain management and e-commerce solutions. Jennie leads various projects applying AI & robotics learning to build up the ecosystem and maximize market potentials. At SS-GATE (South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange) project by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Jennie was in charge of promoting and expanding the scope of technology transfers for the world. She was the PIC setting up the local workstations to connect various key stakeholders for sustainable organizational growth.